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Glass restoration & Protection

Glass restoration and protection using professional restoration machines, Traymark can remove hard water scale buildup and even scratches from most glass surfaces.


This is the same process glass factories use to polish and bevel mirrors. Expensive glass shower enclosures can be restored instead of replacing. 


Glass protection

A unique sealer prevents future rescaling of window glass, mirrors and eliminates the need to constantly squeegee your shower glass after each use. A no cost demonstration will allow you to prove the value of this labor saving service on fixtures, porcelain, stainless, chrome and many plastics as well.


Shower enclosures are a fantastic bathroom accent. Glass adds class and elegance to any bathroom, especially when it is sparkling clean. 


Let Traymark restore your household or commercial glass, porcelain, metal, or plastics to it's original clarity and keep it protected for years to come.

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