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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning & Protection

We wash our clothing afer each use and would hardly consider wearing a three day used shirt.  Why then do we wait so many months and even years to clean the upholstery where we entertain, relax, and even nap on?  Baby eruptions and pet oils are some of the worst but body oils are a natural even that just sneaks up on you as part of daily use.


Fiber identification is our first job so we can use the correct chemistry for wool, silk, cotton and the huge family of synthetic fabrics.  We even restore leather (nubuck and aniline as well as synthetic leahters)

After pre treating soiled surfacdes our unique tools deliver very hot water to rinse and remove the now dissolved soils, oils and grime that makes our furniture look so used. 


After 26 years Traymark Ultra Cleaning has seen it all and tried our best to save them all. 
Dry within minutes our thousands of jobs have always turned out to be pleasant surprises for our clients that know how expensive it is to replace tired furniture.

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