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Tile Cleaning

Our method of cleaning tile & grout, stone, vinyl, and many other hard surfaces uses a unique tool that precisely removes years of deeply attached grime and bacteria. The process is efficient and thorough, allowing for near immediate drying time. This high temperature pressure rinse method can seek and destroy the germs and grime attached deep within your tile and grout surfaces. We have hundreds of photos showing amazing transformations throughout the valley.  



Prior to any sealing; we can make repairs to the grout. Holes, hairline cracks, weak or missing grout can be properly repaired. Detached hollow sounding tiles can be rebonded without using up your left over spare tiles. Just a bit of advice-- Locating exact tiles even after 3 months may be impossible so guard the remaining spare tiles for future needed repairs. We are equipped with tools to remove and replace broken or seriously damaged tiles with your left over tiles if needed. Stone can be repaired as well.


Traymark can seal your tile with several options of protection for your grout. Cleaning will become far more manageable, maintaining a bright uniform color. After our unique color seal process you will notice a huge difference in your regular cleaning efforts. Spills and the stickeys of life no longer penetrate within the pores and textures of the grout. The appearance is natural, not painted looking for years of protection.


Even tired worn vinyl flooring can be given new life and a glowing look. Realtors are relieved at not having to convince sellers to tear out and replace stressed vinyl flooring, outdated dark grout lines. Dull or scratched travertine, marble, or slate flooring can be restored to “just installed status”. Traymark UltraCleaning Systems has added a new dimension to saving money.

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