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Carpet Cleaning

Our method of cleaning carpet is Truck Mounted Rotary Jet Extraction.  The deepest most thorough method of restoring your carpet’s life and texture. The Rotovac 360™ is a tool every cleaner should use.  The amazing 360 Extractor has revolutionized the way carpets are cleaned. With 4 spray jets, matched with 4 vacuum slots, the 360 makes over 650 cleaning passes per minute. This incredible massaging action releases soils while fluffing up and restoring carpet yarn texture.


The heart of Traymark’s cleaning system is a powerful engine that not only creates a powerful drying suction making drying time amazingly short but generates the necessary heat to release the bond that soils and grime have within your carpet's yarns.


Unlike so many cleaning methods, we do not inject chemicals during the extraction process. This contributes to over wetting and chemical residues remaining deep within the carpet yarns and backing. Chemical residues contribute to rapid re-soiling and reduced texture life. The gentle but deep rotary action extracts soils and dissolved residues from the fiber in each yarn of your carpet. This complete rinse helps your carpets look great right after and for many months to come.


This value added service doesn't cost you extra.  Every valley carpet cleaning job gets the highest level of cleaning service at a reasonable and competitive price.  Whether you are the first or last customer of the day your cleaning quality is not dependent on a tired service technician. Our unique equipment helps us stay job-eager and ready.

Essential Tools


Air Flow - strong, efficient vacuuming will remove the unattached solids that come into our homes and begin to cut, wear, and tear fiber in our carpets and upholstery.  Most homeowners don't realize that this fine abrasive can even sift down into the padding beneath the carpet and slowly destroy it.


Chemistry - Just as in the cleaning of our clothes, dishes, hair, and hands, we need to introduce the right chemistry to release a molecular bond that holds dirt, oils, sugars, resins, and bacteria to the fibers of our carpets and upholstery and even tile and grout.  It is essential that a complete rinse removes the soils and the compounds that were used in the release process.

For over 23 years we've been

using this method


Rotary jet extraction is unique in that it does most of the work better than any other method of cleaning carpet.

Carpets are first treated with the appropriate pre-spray which releases the fiber's bond with soil and grime.


Now 5 extraction heads glide over your carpet to deliver just the right temperature of rinsing and extraction.


The final result is years of imbedded grime removed and your carpets looking cleaner than ever before.


Severe matting of the carpet pile is fluffed and now appears nearly new.


In today's economic times, restoring instead of replacing floor covering is the smartest thing to do.  We've saved many carpets thought to be hopelessly ruined.

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