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Stone Restoration

Travertine & Marble Cleaning & Restoration

Stone flooring inside and out can be made to look new.  We deliver a no obligation sample restoration for your evaluation.  Stone resurfacing and cleaning can turn a dry chalky travertine into a whole new floor. Stone can be polished up to a glowing warm reflection, or brought to an ultra classy sheen, or anywhere in-between. We repair damage from high traffic scratches or acidic food spills, wine and pet problems in travertine and marble.  Acid based spills will etch or corrode the calcium that makes up these stones. Acid etching create those strange dull spots that seem to mop away and come back when dry.



Travertine Cleaning & Sealing

We recommend cleaning your travertine tile professionally at least once a year. This accompishes two things. First your travertine tile is cleaned thoroughly, making it look it's best. This allows the stone professional to inspect any staining or more serious stone issues. 


Secondly, after every cleaning of your travertine, we apply a penetrating sealer to the stone protecting it for the years ahead. Cleaning done by a professional at least once a year will help make maintaining your travertine easier all year long. Maintaining travertine can be easy, as long as you know what cleaners are best to use and how to use them. When cleaning travertine or any natural stone we encourage our customers to use a neutral floor cleaner.  We gladly give you the instruction you need for the best success and easiest care for your floors. 



Marble Cleaning & Polishing

Many people who have marble in their home or business believe they only need their marble polished, but in fact, due to the accumulation of small scratches or acid etching of the marble, they may need their marble honed first then polished for best results. Honing marble is the process of restoring your marble using diamond embeded pads to remove, or hone the marble surface using a series of progressively finer grit diamond pads. We continue the process utill we attain the desired shine and clarity you desire. Finishing the process, we use special polishing compounds that take your marble to that look it once had. 


When it comes to ceramic tile, natural stone cleaning, sealing or marble polishing and honing we strive to help educate our customers on the best protection they can have, helping them save time and money from costly restoration down the road.

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